Pet Project

The installation of helical pumps at a pet food plant in Bilbao is enabling the company to save money in more ways than one. The improved processing cycle, of which the helical pumps are an integral part, not only avoids wastage of meat puree from each production batch, but also eliminates the costs of disposal which previously had to be paid in landfill expenses.

Four pumps are fitted on the production line; two are fixed in the extrusion lines and another two are mounted on mobile trolleys. At the beginning and end of each extrusion cycle, when the puree is not of the correct consistency for packing or sale, it is extruded into the extended hopper of the mobile pump and then wheeled to the fixed pump where the puree is transferred into the inlet hopper. This previously unused puree re-enters the production cycle through a drip feed, where it is conditioned to achieve the right consistency.

Apart from the two-fold economic saving that the new system permits, there is also an environmental benefit since the previous landfill requirement is avoided.

The pump has an enlarged rectangular inlet with a screw conveyor to assist the product into the pumping element. Transferring the meat puree at a capacity of 1m3/h, the four pumps run at speeds between 50 and 104 rpm and are each driven by inverter units for a controlled feed.

The positive displacement action of these pumps makes them ideal for use with bulky materials, such as animal by-products or fruit and vegetable waste. The rotary action generates pressure at any speed and does not require centrifugal force or high rotational speeds to operate effectively.

The Pet Food readily accepted the proposal to install the Inoxcaucho helical pumps since they already have a number of Inoxcaucho products fitted on site which have given excellent, reliable service.