Inoxcaucho keeps it Clean

Due to the shear sensitive nature of its products, a customer is using progressing cavity pumps for chemical transfer and tanker loading duties.

This manufacturer of industrial hygiene cleaning products, has chemicals with a viscosity as high as 2,000 cP and shear sensitive.Incorporating a helical rotor turning within a resilient stator, the helical pumps produce a gentle low shear pumping action which helps to maintain product integrity.This also prevents foaming which can be a problem with centrifugal pumping systems.

To cater for the highly corrosive and acidic nature of the chemicals, Mono supplied the pumps with stainless steel bodies, shafts and rotors, and nitrile rubber stators, to ensure prolonged life with minimum maintenance requirements.

As the speeds required for tank filling and chemical transfer can vary quite dramatically, the pumps were supplied with two speed motors allowing the speed to be instantly increased from 86rpm to 172rpm